Preventive and wellness programmes (Pro-Life)

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At IHMS, we have gone a step further than the traditional cost containment measures. We not only protect you from the financial losses occasioned by ill health, provide your staff, family, members and friends with first rate medical care, but we also provide them with the tools that ensure that they do not fall ill unnecessarily but remain productive all the time.


The IHMS Pro-life program is a comprehensive preventive and wellness program that achieves this. It comprises:


A basic appraisal of your health status

Immediately you sign up on the IHMS Health Plan, we conduct a basic health evaluation to determine your present state of health, detect any special health need and draw up a program for managing you within the period of cover. This means that we adopt a proactive approach in our health management system.


Well designed program to manage any condition we detect from the appraisal.

Chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, arthritis etc require effective and coordinated care. Our chronic disease management programmes employs best practice evidence based medical strategies to reduce the impact of these conditions and ensure optimum productivity.


Medical helpline and counseling centre that provides you with immediate health assistance.

Time lost from unnecessary hospital visits can cost you even more than you spend on direct medical expenditure. To minimize this potential loss, the IHMS Health Plan provides you with medical advice help lines and counseling services to attend to conditions that do not require hospital visits. This reduces unnecessary time spent off work, thus maximizing staff productivity.


24 hour emergency call centre for life threatening conditions

Your life and that of your loved ones cannot be taken for granted. We have thus made available several hotlines that any of you can call to obtain immediate assistance in times of urgent need. The hotlines are listed on the membership ID, Member Manual and our Website.


Self-care resource centre

We empower you with resources to take charge of your health. For instance, if a colleague collapses in the office, what do I do? You should be knowledgeable enough to administer cardio-pulmonary resuscitation to save life. These are the type of skills you, your staff, family, friends and members require.


Newsletters and periodic health talks

Newsletters are provided and periodic health talks given to you to keep our members up to date of contemporary health issues.


HIV/AIDS management program

In view of the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, and the devastating effect it may have on anyone, we have developed a program specifically tailored for you.


This program consists of the following:

Development of a HIV/AIDS Policy
Voluntary testing and diagnosis
Treatment of opportunistic infections
Assistance in the procurement of ARVs
Supply of relevant literature and other educational materials
Health Talks