Integrated health care service provision

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An Integrated Healthcare Service Delivery System

The IHMS Health Plan delivers health services through an integrated healthcare delivery system comprising primary, ancillary, secondary and tertiary healthcare providers.

The total coverage area is divided into service areas, each of which is covered by a Primary Care Provider (PCP) – usually a hospital

Based on the gatekeeper system the PCP serves as the initial point of entry into the healthcare system. The PCP in his role as a gatekeeper is responsible for initiating and coordinating all the healthcare needs of members of staff registered with him. He makes arrangements to provide necessary services to members on a 24-hour per day and 7 days per week basis. The PCP is fully responsible for delivering all defined primary healthcare services in addition to some secondary and ancillary healthcare services.

The PCP also makes arrangements for delivering and coordinating secondary and tertiary healthcare services.

The PCP delivers healthcare services to members based on guidelines agreed upon between you, the PCP and IHMS.

The PCP maintains relationships with specialists in the 5 major disciplines of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics and Anesthesiology. This is essential for integrated, timely, appropriate and quality care.

IHMS also maintains a network of Ophthalmic and Dental Surgeons within each PCP service area and PCPs refer covered members to them if authorized.

To further enhance service delivery, IHMS has its own network of providers in all specialist and sub-specialty areas of medicine and surgery. These specialists are available to PCPs who may need their services.

With the IHMS Health Plan, you now have the opportunity to enjoy seamless access to organized and quality healthcare services more than ever before.