You are currently viewing IHMS Emerges Africa’s Leading World Class Health Insurance Service Provider of The Year 2022| AFRICA QUALITY CONGRESS.

IHMS Emerges Africa’s Leading World Class Health Insurance Service Provider of The Year 2022| AFRICA QUALITY CONGRESS.

International Health Management Services, Nigeria recently won the ‘Africa Quality Achievement Awards, 2022’ at the 8th edition of the Africa Quality Congress’ award. IHMS emerged the Africa’s Leading World Class Health Insurance Service Provider of the Year 2022. 

The African Quality Achievement Awards is an annual event initiated at celebrating leadership innovation and creativity in quality management in Africa.

According to the Executive Director of World Quality Alliance Mrs. Favour Esorougwe, “The Award is aimed at identifying, recognizing and rewarding companies, personalities and products that apply quality culture and quality management best practices to the analysis, planning and Implementation and control of policies designed to achieve corporate objective in both profit and non-profit making organization in Africa.”

“This year marks our 22nd anniversary in Nigeria. In all this time, we have diligently worked hard in partnership with relevant stakeholders on both the marketing, technological and sustainability anchors to put customer satisfaction first and also to ensure that the Institutions, Companies, Schools etc we serve are well taken care of” said Dr Chidu Ukandu.

According to him, IHMS utilizes thousands of health care providers including general practitioners, specialists, clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers spread all over Nigeria. IHMS operates from fully computerized coordinating zonal offices in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Ibadan, Benin, Minna, Kaduna and Jos.

We currently manage hundreds of thousands of registered members including private individuals, families, corporate organizations, schools and public institutions.

Our mission is to deliver the highest level of health and wellness to all our customers.

The Managing Director, Dr Chidu Ukandu, further asserted that the IHMS PICRA system of service provision in the Health Insurance industry correctly positions them to deliver far above their contemporaries in the industry, thus making this award a well deserved one.

Introducing the IHMS' PICRA system.........

The P: Strong Focus on Preventive Health Care

Preventive healthcare matters very much for your employees and impacts greatly on your business profitability. There is a strong and direct correlation between health and employee engagement and productivity.  The impact of this on employee productivity and business profitability is better experienced than imagined.

The current practice of HMOs waiting until your employees fall ill before they step in is definitely counterproductive.

That is why IHMS has developed an approach that is proactive rather than reactive. Using this approach, IHMS, amongst others, provides preventive benefits that include early detection of dangerous and often silent ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney and heart diseases, expert employee health counselling, strategic health education materials and tools etc. prior to and an ongoing component of the IHMS Corporate Health Plan.

The I: Highly Integrated and Coordinated Provision of Health Care Services

IHMS has developed a healthcare system that is organized in a manner that guarantees a seamless and stress-free journey through the health care system.

Our Personalized Care Coordination system takes your employees by hand from basic consultation with your primary physician to highly specialized and complex providers and health services.

We remove the stress associated with a supposedly simple visit to the hospital! In addition, tools that enable the employee to assess basic aspects of the health care system on his or her own are provided. These include amongst others; Enrollee Apps, Real time chat services, Telemedicine services and a 24/7 call center services.

The C: Comprehensive Health Services

Our health plans are designed to provide health services that as much as possible ensure that irrespective of the level of the financial plan an employee is on, he or she will receive services that take care of all the essential areas of an employee’s health needs ranging from, general and special consultations, diagnostic services, prescribed drug and admissions.

Depending on the health plan, your employee can enjoy services such as management of chronic diseases, mental health services, maternity care, eye and dental care, surgeries, cancer care, international medical evacuations and care and indeed all areas of your employee’s healthcare needs In addition we have thousands of Private Health Care Providers  spread all over country.

The R: Intensive Rehabilitative Healthcare Services

“The aim of rehabilitation is to maximize the potential to restore a person who has an impairment, or an incapacity for service or work, as a result of a service injury or disease to at least the same physical and psychological state, and at least the same social, vocational and educational status, as he or she had before the injury or disease.” {The Australian Military Rehabilitation and compensation Act 2004 (MRCA) }

At IHMS, we don’t just provide your employees with health services to take care of their immediate and longtime healthcare, we work on restoring them to at least the same physical, psychological, social, vocational and educational status as they were before the injury or disease.

The A: Actuarially based premiums

Best practices dictate that the premium you are charged should cover the healthcare needs of your employees without comprising care that they need and at the same time does not charge premiums that are far beyond what they actually require. At IHMS, we conduct actuarial reviews every 2 years at the minimum. This ensures that the premiums you pay, will guarantee that your employees receive the care they need without interruptions due to lack of actuarially derived premiums.