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Standard Benefits

1 Provision of Prescribed Drugs              
2 Blood Transfusion              
3 Out-Patient Consultations              
4 Basic Laboratory Test              
5 Basic X-rays              
6 Admissions              
7 Out-of-Station Care              
8 Minor Surgeries              
9 Emergency Room Care              
10 Comprehensive X-rays              
11 Comprehensive Laboratory Tests              
12 Specialist consultation              
13 Intermediate Surgeries              
14 Maternity Care              
15 Physiotherapy              
16 Primary Opthalmic Care              
17 Family Planning              
18 HIV Support              
19 NPI Immunization              
20 Advanced and Complex Investigations              
21 Major Surgeries              
22 Comprehensive Ophthalmic Care              
23 Comprehensive Dental Care              
24 Additional Immunizations              

Optional Benefits

1 Primary Ophthalmic Care              
2 Primary Dental Care              

The IHMS Health Plan is highly flexible and hence does not impose services you do not need on you. You may therefore add Optional Benefits to any of the main plans you purchase.


  • Optional benefits can not be bought on a standalone basis.
  • We can also customize a health plan for your organization if any of the main plans do not meet your requirements.