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IHMS is a national Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) established in 2001 to provide Social Health Insurance cover to individuals and groups under the National Health Insurance scheme and private health insurance services to interested individuals and groups. It is owned by medical practitioners and Institutional investors.

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Simon Kolawole: 2015 is knocking on the door

 The NHIS has a vision of covering every Nigerian by 2015. The economy will benefit tremendously from this. Without a healthy workforce, productivity will be hampered. If this 2015 vision is realised, every Nigerian, rich or poor, will be covered. But there are several obstacles. What are these obstacle and how can the scheme overcome them?...READ MORE

LEMON The Versatile Fruit


How often do you use lemon? Do you know that it can be used as medicine, a cleaning agent, a disinfectant, and a beauty treatment?


STAY HEALTHY 3 tips to increase your productivity!


It is only reasonable to take care of our body. Imagine that you own a car, but you never take time to maintain it. The car will only go so far before it breaks down. The same can happen to your body. To bring out the best, to increase your productivity your body needs “maintenance”. What kind of “maintenance” do you need? Here are three (3) tips;

Pro-Life Articles
Understanding Infectious Diseases

Virtually almost any place on the face of the planet is thriving with various micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, parasites, and fungal spores that can be transmitted to humans and cause a wide array of diseases. Even inside our very own bodies

Health Insurance and You !

As human beings, we are faced with risks of illnesses, injuries and even death on a daily basis. Although many of us believe that we will never fall prey to any of such risks. However, we need to be open to the idea that medical emergencies such as accidents or other health complications can and do arise anytime.

Five ways to a healthy heart!

Heart disease has been the leading cause of death in the some part of the world. And as cliché goes, prevention is more effective than treatment. Your heart will surely thank you for paying attention to its needs and doing everything to keep it functioning at its best. A neglected heart could take a serious toll on your health. So, if you’re serious at living life to the fullest, it’s about time to get serious in taking care of your heart


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IHMS shareholders endorse bid to raise capital

 IHMS shareholders endorse bid to raise capital

The shareholders of International Health Management Services Limited have endorsed the company’s bid to raise additional capital.

A statement by the company on Tuesday July 3, 2012 noted that the shareholders gave their approval during its Annual General Meeting in Lagos.

According to the statement, shareholders agreed that the company’s share capital could be increased from N250m to N500m, through the creation of additional N250m ordinary shares of N1 each dividend into two hundred fifty thousand ordinary shares...

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